Great brands begin with great stories.

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In today’s swipe right/left economy, it’s difficult to have a meaningful relationship with the people who matter to your business. Your customers don’t connect with data or sales pitches. They connect with the story you tell across every platform—online and offline.

That’s where we come in.

We integrate into your company like one of your own, creating strategic communications programs directly connected to your goals for revenue and growth. You get results-driven strategies, streamlined management and sales-driven tactics that use less resources, simplify your marketing and provide tangible ROI.

Our Expertise

Public Relations

Build buzz, create authority, attract new customers, get noticed and shorten the sales cycle.

Social Media

Promote your brand’s voice by creating meaningful conversations with the people who matter.



One clear brand message across all platforms creates impact and delivers results.


Keep the sales funnel flowing with a mix of marketing tactics that open doors and close sales.


Words aren’t enough. Tell your story through creative visuals that promote your message.


Increase your visibility online to drive sales, and create an endless funnel of customers.

How do we do it?


Website Design · Public Relations · Marketing
Social Media · Content · Pay Per Click
SEO · Video · Advertising · Branding · Print 
Digital · Partnerships · Sponsorships · Events 

We are a highly specialized team of communications professionals who operate under 1 strategy, 1 goal, 1 budget—all aligned with what you need on any given day at any given time.


Effective communications


Efficient Workflows

Simplified Marketing

Tangible data driven ROI

About Us

Our team has decades of experience in communications management, and have worked across a multitude of industries. This range of experience allows us to deliver extraordinary results. Unlike most agencies, our flexible approach allows us to curate and employ the most effective mix of communications methods based on time of year, sales goals, and analytics.

With a combined 50 years of in-the-trenches experience with a variety of industries, our team focuses on innovative brands that are pushing boundaries, creating new markets and changing the world.

Kate Bailey

President and Media Strategist

Kate Bailey is a media strategy and content marketing consultant. With 17+ years of in-the-trenches media experience—consulting, editing, writing, public relations, marketing, advertising and media buying—she founded Annabel Media to work with businesses who want to make a big impact by creating meaningful relationships with their customers.

Lisa Cozad

Public Relations Manager

A seasoned public relations expert, Lisa focuses on media and client relations, securing placements in both local and national outlets. With a professional background in multiple industries, Lisa’s notable experience in the fashion, sports, healthcare, design and food categories has provided a diverse portfolio and a comprehensive understanding of audience and reach.

Why Us?

Search, social, content and media outreach work best when woven together, resulting in strong, effective brand reach and long-term engagement. We have decades of experience in communications management, across a multitude of industries. This range of experience allows us to deliver extraordinary results.


We know brand management, and have worked with companies of all sizes—from scrappy startups to billion dollar multi-nationals.


Our team doesn’t work in a silo; we take a collaborative approach and integrate into your business as if we were one of your own.


We look at a project from every aspect. The solutions we provide consider the “big picture” first, then focus on what needs to be done to reach the goal.


We’re only as good as the results we deliver, and we’re a fiercely competitive and relentless crew who don’t stop until we reach our goals.


We believe in full transparency. Our success is based on providing you with concise insight into what we accomplish.


No charges for expensive offices, lavish holiday parties or hidden fees. We don’t stop till the work is done.

Our clients

We partner with companies who want to transform business-as-usual communications into a valuable marketing tool that drives measured results and sales. We have long-standing commitment to excellence, because your success is our success.

“With their strategic approach, they immediately ‘got me.’ Rather than sell the obvious, we focused on the voice of my brand, then crafted an attainable, effective path to market my business.”

Lindsay Linton

Creative Director, Linton Productions

“We have tried a number of communications companies over the last twenty six years and I can comfortably say that Annabel Media was the first to put us on the map.”

Harvey M. Hine

HMH Architecture + Interiors

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